Lean Programmers

Our passion as experts is to provide you with exceptional services that are on point with your values and desired brand image.

Our expert way of ensuring your absolute satisfaction lies on a strict company philosophy. A tradition in our approach for over 6 years, it guarantees that you will receive the ultimate results. Our philosophy, your comfort.

Putting Ourselves
In Your Shoes

We ourselves have been on the client side of things before starting Lean Programmers. Your concerns, needs and preferences as a customer truly resonate with us. Every single issue we faced during us being clients has served as an inspiration to provide services and insight that will leave no room for such pitfalls. You can rely on us for putting ourselves in your shoes and delivering the results you expect from us without any fuss.

The Comprehensiveness
You Needed

When we get to work, we provide a totally comprehensive solution. You will receive services that are interconnected and neatly organized so that they construct a functional, flawless whole. We focus on timely execution, optimal management and only the highest of quality. Forget about chaotic, partial solutions that are efficient in some of their features, but lack power elsewhere. What you need is comprehensiveness and we vow to hand it to you.

Delicate Attention
& Individual Treatment

Many companies promise treating your project in an individual way. We go beyond that by assigning a special person that will help you construct the right solution for your business's requirements. Acting as your own personal account manager, they stand ready to propose a functional concept and to act upon it in a flawless way. You always know who you work with and you are spared the irriting need to swap between personnel.

We Believe

...that you deserve a unprecedented quality of services, paired with customization in line with your requirements and brilliant communication process. Our belief is based on our own previous experience as clients. Having failed to receive such treatment, we founded Lean Programmers to provide services that go beyond the status quo. While we believe, you are the one to receive: powerful solutions executed in the expert way you have been longing about.

Our Values

We rely on more than just passion and expertise. Our work and the relationship we have with you both rest on a solid foundation of values that constitute a strict work ethic. We want to maximize your outcome, be as transparent as possible with you and treat you like a friend. Our collaboration together is an art instead of a plain provision of services.
You are a<br> partner to us

You are a
partner to us

We ditch the dreaded seller mentality. We're not a vendor and you're not just a client. Our relationship with you is one based on the concept of partnership. Together we'll achieve a powerful synergy and get your business to the top. A startup; a small business; a huge enterprise – no matter your scale, you're heartfully welcome as an honored friend.
Transparency<br> is Key

is Key

Friends deserve transparency. Many agencies forget something very important: the client deserves to be constantly in the know. We have a wide set of activities aimed at letting you follow through every small step we take. Educational programs, clarifying consultations and customer service around the clock – rest assured that you will be always close to your project's development.
Unprecedented<br> Innovation


Think outside the box or see yourself sink! We've been piercing the surface of digital services because for any situation or problem you might encounter, we offer you multiple solutions. Planning in an innovative way and achieving outstanding results in creative ways are second nature to us. Prepare for unconventional thinking and exciting approaches that will exceed your expectations.
Thinking Lean<br> is Thinking Clean

Thinking Lean
is Thinking Clean

We employ a lean mentality in every aspect of our work. You will see a polished, simplified process that nevertheless retains its functionality and promising prospects. Time-wasting assumptions are swapped with timely analyzed data. Open source software and existing code are utilized to the fullest in order to save you money and spare you technological trouble. Lean mentality for guaranteed outstanding results.